About easyTravel

easyTravel provides a web portal which allows users to log in, search for journeys to various destinations, select special offers and promotional journeys and purchase a journey using a credit card.

The application demonstrates the functionality of Dynatrace APM products.

Problem pattern-settings

Contains images by photoeverywhere.co.uk.



Build Date: 2017-05-02 14:47:45

iOS App Installation

iOS 7.1+ requires the installation of the self-signed SSL-Certificate used by this site. To download it, click on this SSL-Certificate link and then follow instructions. After installing the application, the certificate can be deleted at Settings -> General -> Profiles -> Configuration Profiles. Certificate is generated automatically and it requires installed OpenSSL on Linux ( we provide OpenSSL binaries for Windows with easyTravel). Remember to set config.apacheWebServerSslHost property in easyTravelLocal.properties file to match your address.

De-obfuscating or symbolicating crash reports

The Proguard mapping file for de-obfuscating easyTravel Android crash reports is available here. The easyTravel iOS symbol extract file is available here in zip format.